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New Age Real Estate, LLC
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88 Inverness Circle East
Suite A212
Englewood, Colorado  80112

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New Age Real Estate is a third generation property management company for a reason. We are committed to providing expert service in the property management and real estate business. Our innovative business model and our commitment to hiring and trainging the very best professionals have resulted in strong business growth and our long-lasting tenure in the area, making us one of the most respected and trusted property management companies in Colorado. Because our business model focuses on the management of our rental properties, we're able to concentrate our efforts in this industry and create a powerful team to serve our clients. We have the same financial sophistication, institutional quality reporting and leading edge property management technology as many of the nation's leading commercial property management companies, but our focus is residential property and maintaining long lasting local market expertise and experience. This means that we can provide the best possible service and be more responsive to both our residents and our clients. Our dedication to the property management industry means we are constantly exploring innovative ideas and pioneering new ways to serve our residents and clients. Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

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