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Liithonia Property Managers

Homemart Realty Group, Inc.
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Homemart Realty Group, Inc.
284 Hurricane Shoals Road NW
Lawrenceville, GA  30046

Phone: 770-682-9170
About Us:  Homemart Realty Group, Inc. was established in December of 1981. Since its inception, Marlyn Dochenetz, MPM™, has operated as its president, and principal Broker. With the combined experience of its employees exceeding 90 years, we have the knowledge ...   [Read More]

What we Offer:  The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager Saves you time, work, and stress. You don't have to : · Hire someone to clean, paint, or make repairs. · Advertise · Take rental calls · Show the property · Screen applicants · Execute a rental ...   [Read More]

Showhomes of Atlanta
Phone: 8883221374

Phone: 404-654-3006


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