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Homemart Realty Group, Inc.
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284 Hurricane Shoals Road NW
Lawrenceville, Georgia  30046

Company Info

Homemart Realty Group, Inc. was established in December of 1981. Since its inception, Marlyn Dochenetz, MPM™, has operated as its president, and principal Broker. With the combined experience of its employees exceeding 90 years, we have the knowledge of local neighborhoods, market conditions, and ordinances to properly manage rental property. Our experience ranges from the single property owner to apartment communities and small commercial properties. Our mission statement is to provide professional, trustworthy and quality service to our clients. To obtain maximum return on investment, properly maintain the properties, and represent owners’ best interest while balancing the rights and obligations of the tenants. We are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) This organization offers many educational opportunities and experience-sharing situations to help property managers be more professional and better trained in their field.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager Saves you time, work, and stress. You don't have to : · Hire someone to clean, paint, or make repairs. · Advertise · Take rental calls · Show the property · Screen applicants · Execute a rental agreement · Add addendums · Fill out the move in inspections · Take pictures · Deposit Money · Have tenants calling at all hours of the day and night · Confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rents · or taking better care of the property · Collect NSF checks. · Serve legal notices · Start an eviction. · Fill out the move-out inspection report · Mail the tenant's accounting report and refund check. · Start the process all over again.

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