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McCreary Realty Management, Inc.
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390 Roswell Street
Suite 200
Marietta, Georgia  30060

Company Info

McCreary Realty Management is a local family owned and operated real estate management firm based in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, approximately 20 miles Northwest of Atlanta. After 30 years in business as a part of Jackson & King, Betty King McCreary, the only daughter of Mr. B.B. King, one the original founders of Jackson & King, in 1990, spun off the property management arm of the family business, to create McCreary Realty Management. The ownership for the new McCreary Realty Management remained constant with the company founders Betty and Bob McCreary. Joining them in the move was their son & broker of the business, Michael A. McCreary, and their daughter, Marilyn McCreary Davenport. They dedicated themselves to carry on the traditions of hard work, ethical dealings and commitment to excellence that had been the hallmark of the original family business. In 1990, the Institute of Real Estate Management awarded McCreary Realty Management the prestigious designation, ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION® (AMO®). Fewer than 500 real estate management firms nationwide hold this honor. Our firm is only one of a handful of this number that manages single-family homes as the primary portfolio. We have become the market leaders in this niche of real estate management in Northwest Metro Atlanta. In 1996, we expanded our portfolio to include the management of single-family subdivision homeowners associations within our target geographical market. Presently, we have over 30 associations with over 3,000 units under management. In 1998, Bob McCreary retired from the day-to-day activities at the office followed a few years later by Betty. After an extended illness, we lost Bob in early 2006. His wit, wisdom and zest for life is missed everyday! McCreary Realty Management is proud to be an Accredited Business Member of the Metro-Atlanta Better Business Bureau. McCreary presently boasts an A+ rating from the BBB. In 2008, McCreary Realty Management took a bold step forward by moving its offices into a new location more than doubling the square footage and providing room for not only current staff, but expansion as well. After 30 years in the same building, it felt odd but exhilarating to drive to the new office the first day after the move!

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Full service property management in Northwest metro Atlanta. Cobb and South Cherokee counties.

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