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Products / Pricing
Free Ads for Everyone
FreeRentalSite.com is a free site for posting long term rentals such as apartments, homes for rent, and any other residential properties for rent. Our free rental listing service allows landlords full access to all of our content rich features completely free of charge. We strongly encourage landlords to build as much content as possible on each free listing. Rental listings appear in our search results based on their "Ad Score." Here is how we calculate the "Ad Score"

You can purchase credits on FreeRentalSite.com which can be used to increase your Ad Score if you would like a better position in our search results. These credits do not expire and can be applied to one or many ads. Credits can also be used in the future for purchasing additional products and services as they become available.

Refund Policy:
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

Credits Price  (All Prices in USD) Savings!
10 $10.00    ($1.00/credit)
25 $24.50    ($0.98/credit) $0.50
50 $48.00    ($0.96/credit) $2.00
100 $94.00    ($0.94/credit) $6.00
200 $184.00    ($0.92/credit) $16.00
400 $360.00    ($0.90/credit) $40.00
600 $528.00    ($0.88/credit) $72.00
800 $688.00    ($0.86/credit) $112.00
1000 $840.00    ($0.84/credit) $160.00
5000 $3,750.00    ($0.75/credit) $1250.00

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