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Brickleys Property Solutions
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Welcome to Brickleys Property Solutions. If you were looking for outstanding management services from a trustworthy company with a proven system, you've come to the right place. Brickleys is changing the way property management is done. While others are stubbornly clinging to old ways, Brickleys is bringing the 21st Century to residential income properties. Who benefits? All of us. Tenants, owners, and property managers all get to share in the benefits of the rental home industry when the right company is part of your team. Check out our clear and transparent pricing model below: Upfront Fees - $0 No charge if the home is unoccupied or if the tenant has 6 months or more remaining on their current lease. Account setup, property assessment, coordination of preparation maintenance, advertising, and showing are all included. Leasing Fee - $250 Once we find, screen and approve the application, we'll sign a lease with your new tenant and charge this fee. In other words, we get you set up to generate income on the home before we charge you for the work. Oh, and we don't charge the leasing fee on lease renewals. Management Fee - 10% This fee is calculated off the agreed monthly rent in the lease. It covers all the management duties you would expect of a professional: service coordination, rent collection, inspections, lease enforcement, record keeping, reporting, and more. In the unfortunate and infrequent event that an eviction is needed, this fee covers that too. No "add-on" cost for a tenant we placed in the home. When you're ready, go ahead and schedule your no-obligation appointment with us. A knowledgeable management services representative will meet you to over what we offer as well as assess your rental property.

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